4.1 - Post installation not working - default_template not set on qubesd


I am having a few issues with a new installation on a T470p.

After installing, which goes smoothly, I cannot run the post installation process. It reports errors.

In qubesd I get the following error:
AttributeError: property ‘default_template’ have no default.

I also receive another error handling that exception:
AttributeError: ‘Qubes’ object has no attribute ‘_qubesprop_default_template’

Furthermore, when trying to rerun the post installations script using initial-setup-graphical I get the following error every time:
CRT initial-setup kickstart parsing failed: invalid line: templates_to_install

I have gotten around this error by simply commenting out the line. It’s the only way I was able to get around it.

In /var/log/salt/minion I get the error:
salt.pillar [CRITICAL] Specified ext_pillar interface qvm_prefs is unavailable
salt.state [ERROR] =====[‘present’]======
qvm.create: error: the following arguments are required: vmname

It then posts many errors all related to this failure. I have no access to any defaults VMs or templates.

I will attempt to move the logs off if needed. I will need to format a drive to pull it off.


it could be storage settings issue,
when you do installing what settings you use ?

Hi 51lieal,

When installing, I just set it to automatic. It partitions it into 2 different partitions, the boot and then a LUKS encrypted partition.

I tried reinstalling the entire OS but got the same results.

The drive itself is a SATA III M2 from Transcend.