4.1 Installation Error

Hello, I’ve tried installing Qubes 4.1 RC onto an a Dell XPS13 (11th Gen) and keep getting the following errors after booting the USB and selecting test media and and install Qubes. Any suggestions on how to get this working?

The media check error means the installation image was modified/damaged. If you used Windows to write that image, Windows is known to modify whatever USB stick you plug into it, which also makes the check like this fail (see Installation guide | Qubes OS). If that’s your case, you can choose just “install qubes” option to skip the check…

Anyway, that isn’t the only issue visible here. The other one is nvme timeout which is a bit worrying. See if it happens again if you continue with the installation. If so, you may want to try weekly builds with newer kernel from here: QubesOS 4.1 (alpha) Signed Weekly Builds (choose the “kernel-latest” flavor).

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change RAID mode to NVME/AHCI.