4.1.0 - Cryptography setup for luk asking for passphrase

Initial installation not yet arriving at the blue screen. Never got to the following blue screen:

Is the following normal?

Following texts are displayed:

Starting Cryptography Setup for luk…

Please enter passphrase for disk WDC… (luks-e4c…)!:

Don’t know what to enter here. Press Enter 3 times to skip and the following error messages appear:
Failed to start Cryptography Setup for luks-e4c…
See ‘systemctl status’ "system-crypsetup@luks…
Dependency failed for encrypted volume…

Starting timeout scripts

Entering emergency mode

So when you boot from Qubes installation iso before you arrive at the boot screen (is this what you mean by blue screen?):

You’re asked for a passphrase? Are you sure you’re booting from the Qubes installation iso and not from your WDC disk?