3 minor problems and another question after upgrade to 4.2.: old Kernels, Audio & Screensaver

Hi, I want to share my upgrade experience and problems.

  1. I have the same audio issues with audio not working. My workaround ist Settings–> pulse Audio Volume there I have to change the profile (which is set to analog audio output) to something different and than back to analog audio output. Then it works… I have no Idea what is the cause of this… Maybe my habit of globally switching off sound while not playing back anything? All I know is , that it was not there in 4.1.1. Is there any easier solution?
  2. My screen switches off after 10 minutes and I have to use my password to work again. All I know is , that it is not caused by the xscreensaver and apparently also not by my energy options. Please help.
  3. I have now three kernels/Fedora options for dom0. I am only using the latest (6.1.62-1.fc37) I never tried the other (6.1.62-1.fc32 or 6.1.57-1.fc32) These I see in the bootscreen and in the qubes global config. How do I safely delete the obsolete versions?
  4. in the upgrade process I was informed that dom0 made some backup. where do I find this?

Thanks for the help and great work