1. Find 0day

2.sell 0day
3. donate 251,337 to be on top of list(least I can do for your donations towards me)

4.continue developing my version and destroy all the qubes things

5.Go to all the Conferences and continue SE with core team!.

I wont stop!


Is the pic in your OP generated by Stable Diffusion? It looks amazing.

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I have a GPU server with Qubes-OS 4.2 and two hacked NVIDIA k80 with custom Firmware and re-soldered ram and upgraded to 80GB.
Just a GitHub repo → GitHub - lucidrains/deep-daze: Simple command line tool for text to image generation using OpenAI's CLIP and Siren (Implicit neural representation network). Technique was originally created by https://twitter.com/advadnoun


This is the server!

With a server like that, I’m sure it was easy to discover the multiple zero day exploits you claim you found for Qubes OS.

Need help with 2 things — I am being oppressed by QubesOS mod u/lugh will release 3 of my 0days need help creating patches!

Hi xn0px90

10 years with Qubes, and you don’t seem to have made any contribution as
yet. That’s a shame. I hope you feel able to make such a contribution
now, unpaid, and help move Qubes forward.

I’m not sure why you would need custom builds of Qubes for the areas you
describe. Everything you mention can be done with a standard build, but
perhaps there’s detail that you haven’t included - have you made the
fruits of this “research” available anywhere? If not, there’s a “Guides”
section in the Forum where you can post material useful to other users.

Incidentally, I think you have included the wrong description for the
image - not the generic server image you sent, rather than a picture of
your own customised server, but the one you describe as “group of hackers…”.
It’s obviously a picture of the Addams family. I don’t know what the dopey
chap in the hoodie is doing, but it’s clearly Thing playing on that
melted keyboard in front.

I never presume to speak for the Qubes team. When I comment in the Forum or in the mailing lists I speak for myself.

FYI:not good at typing in the spectrum, ADHD & dyslexia is a thing. :confused:

I was working for creepy gov organizations and fortune 50’s all over the world.

One of those companies had me locked on a NDA for the past 7 years that prohibited to train outside of their organisation.

(Yeah! read all the things, just got to excited for the opportunity to be part of a military grade offensive/defensive lab)

Thankfully thru litigation we got it terminated.

Since they were claiming I would disclose MITRE ATT&CK. etc:.

Me doing this, is and idea from my peers helping me move forward.

Since I have been black listed from the z/OS scene (for now) for disclosing improper actions from company(military contractor) to all board member.(worked for over 15yrs)

Qubes-OS has saved my life multiple times and this is my way of paying it forward.
Individuals that don’t about the true power of Xen and Qubes combo are missing out.
I am changing that in 2023.

Well for all my builds I have a custom solutions for workflows.
Plus it bets all the updating etc:.

I am currently on a mission to get Qubes-OS gaming good for 2023.

I am all in!

Invested a significant amount for a state of the art Reverse Engineering Lab.
Specializing in Xen research. My main goal is to get Qubes-OS used by the masses and give support to anyone that needs it.

I run the Qubes-OS Discord! here → * Discord
Would love to have you around! I even have a Qubes-OS Team Role waiting to be used.
You will have Mod permissions and do what you please(with in reason lol)

This is why I have not contributed with xn0px90 even dough I have another alias I used for years(sorry can’t disclose).
P.S Also Unman thank you for your awesome contributions they have guided me a lot thru my research.
Could you help me patch an RCE vuln?
posted on reddit my Xen patch New Years Party! (look in profile u/lugh keeps deleting all my post)


Here’s the server no BS!

The problem with putting this sort of thing out in a public forum is
that you will come up against people who have similar experience.

I don’t want to say that this is a large pile of stinking BS, but there
is a definite whiff of the farmyard.

I’m undecided as to whether you are the child who lives next to the
Addamses, or Pugsley. Just maybe you are Fester. Perhaps, after I’ve seen
a lot more of what you do, instead of what you say, I’ll greet you as
Gomez, or perhaps Mortitia, as you choose. But for the moment it’s Pugsley.

I listened to your introduction video - it didn’t strike me as
particularly well structured, and there were a number of issues that
made me wonder about the “10 years of Qubes” claim - the repeated
incorrect use of “domain”, the use of deprecated command line tools
instead of the obvious GUI tools, lack of updated templates.
But every trainer has their own approach and no doubt you knew the target audience.

I’m afraid I find the ceaseless self promotion off putting. If it were
matched by quality of contributions that would be helpful, but so far
I have seen nothing on point in your input in the Forum. Please stop.

Share your experience as Guides in the Forum, or by contributing
to the docs. Qubes GitHub is in desperate need of good contributors.
I’m assuming that the 0days on Reddit that have been referred to are in
process of CVD - if you haven’t done so yet, then any Qubes issue should
be reported to security@qubes-os.org .

I do hope you will prove me wrong, and we’ll see contributions that
match your ability for self promotion.

Typing for N0P.
Look I respect you!
Follow your research!

That video just an introduction not a comprehensive course.

I thought showing different aspects to get ppl attention.

I will prove you wrong but maybe not here.

I have started my own communities to help.

But it looks like if you don’t approve I see my effort here as a waste of time.

I have contributed in the past with my aliases I can DM to prove it’s me!

I think is best I leave this forum.

If I got your attention everyone now knows.

You can go into Reddit and scroll down and see my first post in r/qubes

Yeah it’s best I leave!

FYI we took his devices lol!