Zoom in a DispVM

I’ve been trying Qubes for quite some time and decided I want to try and use it as a daily driver

I’m using Zoom, and I want to try and use it as a disposable, so I went and followed the guide from the community Github. It wasn’t updated in a long time, so, for example, the key and deb install URLs are different now (any way to suggest an edit to that guide?)
At the last step, when trying to enable “Disposable VM Template” in videoconferencing template gives an error

ERROR: Advanced tab:

Invalid property 'template for dispms of videoconferencing

Guess something changed with time? Any guidance would be appreciated a lot

In the step 4.2:

Search for the videoconferencing TemplateVM. Right-click it and select Qube Settings

It should be: Search for the videoconferencing-dvm AppVM.

There are templates and app qubes (aka appvms).

An app qube can be turned into a disposable template with the feature template_for_dispvms (regular template can’t).

To suggest an edit, you need a github account and submit a pull request.

Yes, I think you missed step 3.

Only appVMs can be disposable templates.

The table in inheritance and persistence may clarify some things.