Yum.qubes-os.org outage (updates not working)

We currently experiment an outage on yum.qubes-os.org. A ticket has been opened to the provider.

Sorry for that we hope back to the normal soon.

PS: @adw @deeplow I don’t know what would be the best to have a place for such status notification in case we have a service down and to prevent/limit any new qubes-issues?

is that worth it, given how little it occurs?

It occurs few (~3 maximum) times a year so maybe not. Sometimes it’s very quick and it falls into a timeslot intersection with a user doing update so we notice it too :slight_smile:

Is it related to this: Strange whonix update output ?
I also attempted to update dom0, and indeed, it seems that the repositories are not reachable…

Yes, the outage means that updates will not work right now. We just have to wait patiently until it is fixed before updating.

I have set this topic to be globally pinned for the next ~30 hours.

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The issue is not fully solved yet, but updates should not show an error anymore.

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I have asked my colleagues to add Qubes sites to those that they monitor

  • to whom should notifications be sent? (Answer to me privately if you

Thanks. You can use monitoring at qubes.

The original issue is fixed, it all should be back to normal now.


Passed this on.