Your Most Commonly Used Net Search Sites and Search Categories

I’m making a runner script to automate net searches. Add your most commonly used search URLs to the dictionary and associated hotstrings, and I’ll post the final script when it’s done.

: '
List of search engines urls and associated hotstrings.

$query = the search query.
$asset_symbol = the asset symbol to use in crypto/financial searches.
$counter_asset_symbol = the counter asset used in crypto/financial charts.

dictionary key = the hotstring that calls the url.  Change to your liking.

declare -A search_urls
    # Text search engines
    ['go']="$query" # The evil google. Use at your own risk.
    # Image
    # Video search
    # Research
    # Independent media
    # Natural law
    # Coding
    # Books
    # Shopping
    # Charts

# text, video, image, research, independent media, charts, crypto, coding, natural law, shopping
# add, delete to your liking.

# Duckduckgo, Quant, Brave, Odyssey, Evil Google
text_engines='dg qw ba od go'
# Odyssey, Bitchute, Vimeo, evil Youtube
video_engines='od bc vm yt'
# Duckduckgo, Odyssey
images_engines='dgi odi'
#, Patents
research_engines='ar pa wi'
# Corbettreport, Oneeyemedia
# Cointraderpro, Coinigy
chart_engines='ct cg'
# Coinmarketcap, Cryptocompare, Coingecko
crypto_engines='cmc ce'
# Stackoverflow
# Oneeyemedia, Markpasio
natural_law_engines='ogn mp'
# Openbazzar, Aliexpress, Alibaba, evil Ebay, evil Amazon
shopping_engines='ob ae ab eb ea'

declare -A search_categories