Xscreensaver won't switch off display

I have a new install of Qubes 4.2.rc1 and can’t get xscreensaver working properly.
The screen blanks after the given time but won’t switch off.
The xscreensaver app from xfce seems not available anymore/does not start, so I don’t know how to get a working setup.

What else I have done up to now:

  1. Tried xfce4-power-manager
    Does not give expected result (same as Qubes 3.2 up to Qubes 4.1)

  2. Edited the files manually:

  3. Edited the files manually:
    and run
    /usr/sbin/update-xscreensaver-hacks accordingly

Inside XScreensaver I changed:
*dpmsEnabled True
*dpmsQuickoffEnabled True
*dpmsStandy 0:10:00
*dpmsSuspend 0:10:00
*dpmsOff: 0:10:00

So my question is why the screen does not switch off after 10 min.?

@adw these issues look the same to me. One could probably be closed as a duplicate.

There is a workaround:


This workaround does not function on R4.2.0-rc3.

xscreensaver, nor xscreensaver-settings may be started from the command line.

Version 6.06-3-fc37 of xscreensaver is available in fedora-update repository.
BUT qubes-dom0-update does not fetch it unless explicitly calling
sudo qubes-dom0-update xscreensaver-6.06-3.fc37.x86_6
then xscreensaver-setting works.

dom0 actual version (4.2.0-rc3) is 6.06-1.fc37.
I didn’t try, you can report back if it works for you.

4.2.0-rc3 uses 6.1.43-1 with fresh install.

Thought the later kernel would have the fix.

We are not talking about kernel version.
We are talking about xscreensaver version.


Correct dom0 command is

sudo qubes-dom0-update xscreensaver-6.06-3.fc37

Yes the command is:

sudo qubes-dom0-update xscreensaver-6.06-3.fc37

or (there is a missing letter in the github comment)

sudo qubes-dom0-update xscreensaver-6.06-3.fc37.x86_64

You could (and should) also disable weak dependencies installation:

sudo qubes-dom0-update --setopt=install_weak_deps=false xscreensaver-6.06-3.fc37

If you install xscreensaver from fedora repo, you will notice a downgrade:

 xscreensaver-base   x86_64   1:6.06-3.fc37   qubes-dom0-cached   492 k

When your search for installed packages, you got this:

[user@dom0 ~]$ sudo dnf list --installed | grep -i screensaver
xscreensaver-base.x86_64   2:6.06-1.fc37   @qubes-dom0-cached

Notice the 2: in the installed package and the 1: in the downgrade.

It’s called an Epoch tag.

My guess:
Qubes OS did modify xscreensaver to include some fix / improvement.
They probably installed it in dom0 with an Epoch Tag of 2 to avoid the package to be updated by the fedora repository.

I can not confirm, I don’t know. But I strongly think that is correct.
@rustybird ?? @unman ??

The Qubes OS logo replaces the default flames on Qubes OS, that might be the change.

Related to that change: Default Screensaver (can I change the image back to the old one)

Yes, that, and some other improvements.


Epoch: 2

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xscreensaver-settings still does not open a window as of today after updating everything.

However I found out a setting inside of Power Manager that switches off the display at least.

Note to “Blank after” and “Put to sleep” after are both set to “Never” and the switch off time can be choosen (here 10 minutes).

the fix is currently in testing repository.

To get it, you need to enable testing repository:
Qubes Menu > Settings > Qubes Tools > Qubes Global Config > Updates: Dom0 Updates: Enable all testing updates

If your still in 4.2-rc1, to update to 4.2-rc3, you also need to enable this repository.
Once you enabled it, process a normal update of dom0.

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Thanks for the answer.

Looking forward to test it with the next installation *.rc4.

I have always had problems with xscreensaver even if the window opens. It won`t switch off the backlight of the screen completely until I set something like “Quick Power-off in Blank Only Mode” which took me long to find out.


Now I decided to uninstall it completely and just use xfce4-power-manager. That works fine at the moment.