Xorg failing to start in 4.1.2 installer

When booting the 4.1.2 installer it hangs on the xorg startup, and switching to a different tty isn’t possible. When using basic graphics mode I can see the following errors: “Not asking for VNC because we don’t have a network”, and " X startup failed, aborting installation." After checking the wiki here and trying all the solutions I didn’t have any luck either.

I don’t see why my hardware would be an issue given I have an AMD 6700XT and Intel UHD 630 which should both be supported by the Linux kernel, I tried using the latest kernel as well but that did not work. I also tried using bios boot and UEFI boot both on all grub options to boot, with no luck.

So far the only thing I’m able to do is boot and successfully install 4.2.0-rc1 which I am typing this from but I would much rather use a stable version than a testing version on my main computer.