XFCE launchers in the taskbar?

From a user in the AppMenu survey:
“Most of my menu interaction is with xfce launchers on the taskbar, one for each of my most used qubes.”

^^ How can I do this??? I want to learn more! And no, this user did not include their email address for a follow-up. :confused:

I guess:

Qubes Menu > System tools > Panel > items > + > launcher

then you can edit the launcher a put there some app. It makes easier to get the most used apps right there, just one click apart.

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Another way and more details:

Add a launcher

Right-click on taskbar > Panel > Add New Items… > Launcher > + Add > Close

Then an empty blind launcher added on the most right part of the taskbar (after the user account).

Right click on that new launcher > Properties > + > choose your wanted application from AppVMs.

Remove a launcher

Right click on that new launcher > - Remove

Move a launcher

Right click on that new launcher > → Move

In general, in the taskbar, I move my launchers on the left of the Workspace Switcher.

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