X230 beeper?

I have X230 for QubesOS. I physically removed speakers and mics.
But I worried that still there is a beeper.
Did you remove beeper?

Does it actually have/need an additional speaker for BIOS?

I don’t know. So I want to know it.

I didn’t remove any beepers. Could not find any beeper either. At least it doesn’t seem to look like a beeper for larger mainboards.

Nor can you find any beeper spare parts for Thinkpads either.
Maybe try to make it beep on purpose and see if only removing the speakers is enough?

There doesn’t seem to be any beepers besides the speakers. Thank you very much indeed.
I’ve physically removed the microphones, speaker, fingerprint scanner and bluetooth module, but is there anything else I should remove for security reasons? The camera was not included from the beginning.

Probably depends on your threat model. Secure against what/whom?

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I didn’t think so much. I just want safe hardware.

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Safety is always relative, though. For example, having normal glass windows in a ground-floor house is arguably “unsafe,” since anyone can break in and harm you with just a rock, yet billions of people in the world have lived that way for centuries and were fine because they didn’t live in especially dangerous areas and weren’t targeted.

It sounds like you’ve already done more than enough to ensure your hardware is safe for your needs. :slight_smile: