Wrong persistent assign mic to a AppVM. Now it doesn't work anymore

Hi all.
Recently found github page of device management in qubes os, but not reading untill end where say: no mic persistent attach…

Indeed it’s done now: anyone can help me to roll it back?

what I did:

qvm-device mic attach work dom0:mic --persistent

now if I try to detach it or attach to other AppVM:
Detaching device Microphone from work failed. Error: Failed to attach microphone: g-dbus-error-quark: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBUS.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.qubesos.Audio.work was not provided by any .service files (2)

As said, mic doesn’t work, neither inside work AppVM.

Qubes OS
Qubes release 4.0 (R4.0)

Please let me know,

The answer is in this github issue. theres a hacky workaround by nil0x42

Update: i just resolved my issue with a dirty hack, manually edited /var/lib/qubes/qubes.xml , and set mic device to null ( <devices class="mic"/> ) in videochat qube.
After a reboot, everything seems OK, qvm-device mic list 's output shows that mic is not in use, and a can attach and detach my microphone manually again.

It worked perfectly!!!
Thanks a lot for reporting me to right way.

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