Would it be good to have two nitrokeys? How would you back them up?

Hello… About nitrokeys… It would be good to have two of them if you drop one…
Do anyone of you have it like that? So do you just copy the same keys on both devices then and nothing more? Is it hard to do… Do you have some advice on how to work with two nitrokeys? Maybe just fill the first one and then just clone it? That would be the least amount of work right?
Should work to make an exact copy of one to another, then to manually write the same keys in both for everything.

I need to learn about this key it seems like a good solution for passwords and so on… Thanks!

Hi @b4xqrm7nti. Thank you for your question. However it seems to be a bit outside of the scope of this forum, so I would direct you to the nitrokey forum instead:

We also have an #all-around-qubes category, where more general security and privacy questions like this can be discussed. You’ll be able to join once you reach trust level 2 here on the forum.

Closing this thread now.