Would [AppVM -> ProxyVM (vpn) -> sys-whonix -> sys-firewall -> sys-net -> internet] not reveal my ip address to the vpn service?

I want to know if tunneling a vpn inside of or over tor, where the tor exit node just sees encrypted vpn traffic, reveals my real ip address to the vpn provider or they only see the ip address of the tor exit node.

The reason I want to do this is to use UDP applications behind the obfuscation of tor. This could also be used to visit websites blocked by tor. I was reading around and didnt see anything definitive on it.

I understand there are fingerprinting risks doing this. My first concern is simply whether the vpn provider would only see the ip address of the tor exit node, because I saw something conflicting on that on a whonix forum somewhere.

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I want to make sure if I put my traffic inside a vpn that then goes inside tor, means my ip address is only visible to the tor entry node, and only the tor exit node ip address is visible to the vpn service provider.

It should do that, but first check if the vpn can be accesed over tor

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