Work qube terminal removed packages but remembers last command after restart

I installed a few packages in the default work qube that ships with 4.1.1 (the terminal qube). These packages were openjdk, zsh, npm, flatpak, and neofetch (first time with fedora, wanted to see the logo :slight_smile: ).

However, after restarting the qube, the packages I’d installed were gone. But when I clicked the up arrow while in the terminal, I could still see the commands I’d entered in my last session.

What can I do to make sure my packages don’t get removed next time?

You need to install software in the template, not in the qube.

The root filesystem in the qube is not persistent, all files outside /rw are lost then you close the qube.

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I see. Apologies for the junior question. If I have multiple fedora qubes and I only want to install a certain program to one, how do I make sure that the software is only saved to that one qube?

You make a new template.

Keep in mind, qubes can share templates without sharing data. The files in /rw (and /home) are not shared between qubes.

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Thanks. Since the template doesn’t have a net qube, how should I install siftware to it?

You can use packaged managers like apt, and I assume it’s dnf for fedora, they use the localhost:8082 proxy to access the internet.

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