Wireless receiver disconnects from sys-net when locking my machine. What gives?

Just to set the record straight, I’m using a fresh install (4.1.1). Because I’m only using an external wifi card/receiver, I need to manually assign it to sys-net upon start up. That works fine and good for me.

However, if I lock my machine by hitting the “lock screen” option, my wifi receiver gets removed from sys-net.

I know that it’s been removed, since I can still see the pop up that says that “myWifiReceiver has been removed from Sys-Net”.

What’s up with that and how do I prevent my receiver from being removed from Sys-Net reach time I need to go to the lock screen?

Perhaps this might be relevant:

Did you also try Debian template instead of Fedora (or vice versa) for sys-net/sys-usb?