Wireless Bluetooth Support?

I’ve reviewed the the documentation and searched the forums and reddit extensively but I’ve yet to find out how or if qubes can support a wireless mouse and keyboard via bluetooth. I’m aware that it may have security implications. Is it possible through usb-qube with networking enabled? If so, does anyone mind pointing me in the right direction?

I’m using qubes for security reasons, as I believe many are and is the core driving purpose of qube’s existence. All bluetooth is hacked or can be hacked. You may have other uses for Qubes. But if it’s security, you wouldn’t be thinking about how to expose your passphrases and passwords and private communications by way of using a convenient bluetooth keyboard. One may think oh BT’s range is only 10 meters. But anyone can solder a powered antenna to a regular usb BT recieving dongle to pick up bluetooth signals from many kilometers away. Just some food for thought. I’m sure somebody else will chime in with a solution to your issue if it exists. But that’s why I don’t know anything about connecting bluetooth to qubes. Using qubes is about changing habits and adopting new ones that leave you better off.

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I guess you are referring to a USB dongle that connect via Bluetooth to the mouse/keyboard.
If that is the case, read the docs to understand security implications.

Of course, if Bluetooth is problematic, put Bluetooth in the middle and it gets… worse. But in the case
i am assuming it does not interfere with qubes setup.

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What’s the harm of using a Bluetooth mouse?

hacking bluetooth mouse is quite useless without seeing the screen, however with other device it can be dangerous because bluetooth has many vulnerable that can’t be fixed