Windows USB integration with R4.1

Thanks, but my googlefu is returning me commands that don’t work, for actually doing the update (edit: I mean repository add). such as sudo add-apt-repository and things like that.

I’m glad you told me (I’d have tried to put it in the wrong qube), but I still don’t know what to type.

Open /etc/apt/sources.list.d/qubes-r4.list in debian template terminal and uncomment Qubes updates candidates repository:

# Qubes updates candidates repository
deb [arch=amd64] bullseye-testing main
#deb-src bullseye-testing main

OK…I uncommented out that line. (and the ancestor of debian-11-dvm is debian-11; i.e., the basic, as distributed debian 11 template, btw).

I then did sudo apt upgrade and it appears to have installed a bunch of stuff.

I shut debian 11 down. I restarted sys-usb. I then assigned the keyboard to windows by mistake and had to re-restart sys-usb to get my keyboard back. I then restarted windows (BTW I did an template/AppVM configuration on that), and assigned the printer to it.

Still nothing. (Unless I bodged the upgrade command because of the template being added? Sorry–I’ve never in my life up to this moment dealt with anything but standard stuff.)

Did you try other devices except for printer? Maybe the printer is not supported yet:

There is no needs to use testing repositories, all needed packages are already in stable.

Make attache USB device to VM via widget.

@deeplow could you make an update top post to describe no needs to use testing repositories now?…

If by that you mean go into the Qubes Devices drop down bar on the task bar, select the device, and assign it (just like I wanted to mount a block storage) to Windows 7 AppVM, that’s what I’ve been doing.

Check that Windows 7 shows USB controller with Device manager and it has appropriate drivers installed.

(in response to no need to use testing repositories) should I actually do a sudo apt install of something? (stubdom-linux-full and xen-hvm-stubdom-linux-full were not found).

Under “Other devices” it shows “universal serial bus controller” with a yellow flag on it. So that looks bad.

But at the bottom of the list is “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” as a top level item, and it looks good.

Did you install only printer drivers or USB controller drivers as well?

Neither of those drivers cleared the yellow flag out of device manager. And one complained that it didn’t install properly, so I had to do it again.

[update: Wait–I just noticed the page with the downloads says “restart required.”]

OK, once I remembered I had to restart the windows TEMPLATE, and actually restarted that rather than the USB Cube Template, and restarted the windows APP VM…

It works! And so do thumbdrives. Of course now, to use them on unix cubes, I have to install the qube proxy, but that’s well documented.

THank you and @jevank for your patience; I’m still in many ways a total n00b, even though I’m now running (mostly) minimal deb11 templates. (debian-11 still being used for some things, obviously.)