Windows Tools Won't Download

I did try that command and it didn’t work.

Is this because I’m in 4.1 alpha? Is it because of a kernal version issue? Is it because of a signature issue?

I’m sure you have some guess?

If I reinstall 4.0, will that fix things or will I have the same issue?

Okay, about to reinstall 4.04. Here it goes.

If this doesn’t work, I’m going back to Cortana. The last time I spoke with Cortana, I said “Please don’t sell my web history to market products. This is a shared computer connection.” Cortana said “I’m sorry Jasmine, I can’t do that” or something like that.

Two days later, I almost got honor-killed when my father asked me why google was suggesting he buy a “Sorry Boys I Like Tacos” t-shirt. Luckily my father is a moron and I let him know that this was a cool new phrase that young people were saying to show how Holy and Devout they are.

So, 4.04 won’t load because of the processor.

Can whoever writes a program fixing this bug name a subroutine after me?

Call it “jasminen00b”

I’m going to go re-install Windows 10 now. :cry: :anguished: :anguished: :frowning_face:

Goodbye Secure Operating System, Hello Bing Knowing Every Secret and Personal Private Thought I Have and Selling It To The Highest Bidder.

I think this was the first mention of 4.1.
qubes-windows-tools aren’t in the repos for 4.1

I’m sorry you weren’t able to get Qubes working as you wanted.
Check back in a while when 4.1 is out of alpha, and all the features you
need are ready for use.
Not goodbye, but au revoir.

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Can someone put whatever windows tools is in super-alpha in the unstable repo?

I don’t care if it freezes, I don’t care if it barely works, I don’t care if my system shuts down every day, I just want to cut and paste and access usb.

There has got to be something you can put in the unstable repo.

I can’t have Cortana telling Bing to market things to my family. I could explain a strange t-shirt being marketed to them, but what will Bing show next? The Toy Joy Double Digger?

Please get this into the repo somehow, even if it barely works. I can’t go back to Cortana and Bing, I just can’t…

Look at this thread. You can build it from sources, test and tell about results.

As a side note, on Windows you can use a tool such as O&O ShutUp10 to minimize gathered data and disable Cortana.
I would advise you to create a separate thread for troubleshooting your Qubes 4.0.4 installation issues.
And if you decide to not try QubesOS for now, I would advise a normal Linux distro and to use something like VirtualBox for your Windows needs.

I don’t understand Step 5.

dom0: qvm-start [windows-qube-name] --cdrom [dispXXXX]:loop0

What is the dispXXXX part?

Is that where I did the downloading? If I created a qubes called LToolW, and do steps 1-4 in LToolW terminal, do I then type:

dom0: qvm-start [windows-qube-name] --cdrom [dispLToolW]:loop0


Not sure that would help.

If I can’t build this Windows Tools myself, I’ll just go back to Cortana and Bing and try to control myself. I should stop looking at extremely busty Swedish women experiencing new things together and have Cortana help me use Bing look for tips to please my future husband and better ways to pray and be Holy. Maybe this is a blessing that Windows Tools won’t work? Maybe instead of learning to use Linux I should be learning how to sew? Or improving my cooking skills?

I have no idea what is going on.

something is happening…

something about an untrusted Xenbus? I have no idea what any of these things are or what is showing up on my screen.

A lot of things saying Xen are being downloaded.

More Xen files. How many different possible files named Xen could there be?

More untrusted files being downloaded to my computer.


Now it’s just not doing anything…

“awaiting response…”

Maybe it’s getting it from a repository that doesn’t like Whonix?

I got a 504 Gateway Time-out.


name of disposable vm where you making this build :slight_smile:

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It’s trying to download some sort of garbage from Microsoft. Can I go off Whonix in the middle of some download when I get a 504?

I’ll try.

Okay, I changed the connection so it’s off of Tor because Microsoft probably blocks Tor, seeing as they are so privacy friendly.

Nothing still, 504 error, trying to get some random file from Microsoft. Do I need to restart the Qube to change the connection source?