Windows in community templates ?!

Why we don’t have windows in community templates … it would be easy to install and secure

And …Where I can find all community and testing templates ?

because we don’t maintain it ? and it much safer to download windows directly to microsoft.

enable community and testing templates in qubes global settings, then run qvm-template-gui


See also: [WIP] Windows/QWT user reports.

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And probably it would be against microsoft TOS and would make the Qubes project liable. If having a template for Ubuntu is not possible due to licensing issues, just imagine provoking microsoft :grimacing:.


Maybe a Windows community template just for Russian users. MacOS too while we’re at it.

Jokes aside, this question is basically the same as asking:

  • “Why don’t we put Mickey Mouse on the Qubes logo?”

  • “Why don’t people stick their heads into hornet nests?”

  • “Why doesn’t Russia just invade Ukraine?”

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Thanks … I am a normal user and don’t have advanced tech skills

Can help to install windows 10 with the all features step by step :slight_smile:

Thanks … I don’t have advanced tech skills

Can anyone help me to install windows 10 with the all features step by step :slight_smile:

I am already have windows as standalone but I can’t copy and past or add flash drive for it

Ah, that’s another question :slight_smile: The previous guide is a little outdated so the community is working on improving the instructions. See them here:

If you end up following them, and get stuck at any point, feel free to reply there mentioning the step in which you got stuck. Feedback on people following the guide is great for improving it :slight_smile: and you also get to have your issue resolved.

So it looks like you’re just missing QWT (Qubes Windows Tools) to allow for the integration.

Also, not sure if USB support is working (haven’t checked).


Thanks … But I can’t even find the first step

Could you kindly guide me in simple steps :slight_smile:

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