Windows 7 updates from a 3rd party website

Hi! My name is Neal Laugman and I have been a user on and off since V3.2(?) when everyone was on the NNTP server (the good old days for sure.)

Been gone for quite a while and I am happy to see Windows seems to be working well in Qubes-OS. So I found a website that had all the W7 updates apparently rolled up into one release and for the life of me i cannot find it again. It’s not affiliated with Microsoft (Yea!) and looked like THE go-to place for W7.

Anyone on the forum that can help me out? It’s great to be back.

If you mean on that Russian site, I wouldn’t use it and I doubt anyone here would advise you on pirating software. What you can do is search for (arguably legit?) Windows 7 ESU patch, which contains only links to MS.

There’s a German website offering Windows 7 update packs up until January 2020, i.e. as long as they were supported by Microsoft. As far as I can see, there is nothing illegal offered there.