Windows 11 in Qubes

You are right: Shutting down Windows 10 or 11, either from within the VM or from the Qube manager, does not really shutdown the VM, but puts it into hibernate Setting powercfg -h off solves the issue for both Windows versions. The startup type of the services can be left at Automatic, and manual starting and stopping the services is not needed.

So, let’s not forget to mention setting powercfg -h off in the R4.1 documentation for Qubes Windows Tools!

For Windows 11, start and stop are much slower than for Windows 10, but this system is worse in many respects, although it seemed that this could not be possible!

Thanks a lot for clearing up this situation!


Hi Gerhard,

did you ever tried to restore a backup of a Windows10/11 VM on a (let’s say) different nvme1p3 device?

Never been lucky to use such a VM on another Qubes OS… Not from a SSD256 → SSD512 (Win10 / 4.0 to 4.1) and even not from a SSD256 → SSD1000 (Win11 / 4.0 to 4.0).

Cheers Steffen :slight_smile:

Hi Steffen,

I did backup for Windows 10 and 11 under Qubes R4.0.4, running on an internal SAMSUNG SSD 850 EVO (500GB), and restored it successfully on an external SAMSUNG Portable SSD T5 (also 500GB) without problems. With nvme devices, I have no experience with Qubes, because my only such device is running under ubuntu (sigh).

Cheers Gerhard

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Hi Steffen,

one other thing I forgot to mention: I did this with Windows VMs without QWT, and installed QWT later on in the target environment (QWT for Qubes R4.0.4 and QWT 4.1-65 for Qubes R4.1).

Cheers Gerhard

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Has anyone been able to get sound or audio to work in Win 11?

Not yet possible on a Windows VM in Qubes.

With QWT 4.1-65, it is possible if qvm-features <VMname> audio-model ich6 is set.


I did some more testing, with rather promising results. See my recent post in Qubes Windows Tools (QWT) on R4


Thanks a bunch for that info Mister G


Hahaha, Microsoft can always hurt you more.

Well, with ESU patching still available, I see no reason not still to use Windows 7.

Even without patching, a well-shielded Windows 7 under Qubes will still be much more secure than a native Windows 10 or 11. So staying with Windows 7 under Qubes remains reasonable.

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By well-shielded do you mean no Internet access?

Just a restricted firewall allowing only access to cautiously selected sites, and this from an AppVM that will be cleaned on any restart. :wink:

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Hi all,
probably regedit trick doesn’t work anymore with win 11 22h2.
Anyone tried it?

It still is working, but you probably have to do some more steps beside this!
Can you please check this and if you getting in trouble or are unsure, reply here and I’ll give you a step-by-step explanation…

You have to change the registry settings with regedit as written in the net and then do the update process till it stops with “Your device isn’t supported” message. Then you have to copy this appraiserres.dll in the update directory (which will be created between 8 and 9% of the install process) under C:$Windows.~BT\Sources\ and overwrite the existing one and the update/upgrade will move on and all is fine.

You need to keep this appraiserres.dll on the desktop for all further updates !!! I’m doing so since over 10 months now, cause I’m develover preview user, which getting updates every week. Working for every update on my 2 Windws11 qubes.