Windows 10 VM File Transfer

Dear All,
Am I right to assume that installing a Winodws 10 VM in Qubes (4.1) is pointless at present if one also wants the ability to transfer files between VMs (such as sys-usb and Windows 10), since the Windows Guest Tools are not available?
Any suggestions or workaraounds?

There is a workaround in this thread.

Thank you very much @balko I did try that, but without much success. My aim was to see, if some basic video editing (Sony’s Catalyst Browse) would be possible on the go (accepting reduced performance). Three issues seem to prevail:

  • Even after installing the rpm suggested in the workaround, the qubes manager will not start the VM as “Start qubes for Qubes Windwods Tools” installation.
  • Thus, I did install from the qubes-windws-tools. downloaded manually. If I do qvm-prefs on the VM thereafter (even after a reboot), neither qrexec_installed nor guiagent_installed do show feedback. I thought that this would be automatic.
  • Only the “Microsoft Basic Display Adapter” is available. If I understand the documentation correctly, that should be all there is after Windows 7.