Win10 HVM bebloat

Hey guys,
Digging around in GitHub I found this really nice “win 10 debloat” tool. Some of you guys may already know about it some may not. It uses “ps” and does a GREAT job. You can also customize it on what to remove if there is something you need or want to keep. Please just pay attention as it will do the job, yes I have used it and no issues to report. Win10 HVM works great after using it, lol in fact too great… boots faster now…


Just in case you weren’t aware, you may want to also consider just installing a “factory de-bloated” version of Windows 10 to start with, i.e. go for the Windows 10 LTSC editions as they provide a slightly better platform to start with; note that they still require a few tweaks (GPO and others) for further reducing telemetry.

I installed Windows Ameliorated on Qubes with QWT and have no problems. That is the ultimate debloated windows :slight_smile:


Agreed, IMO Windows Ameliorated is the best option, I’m using it as a daily driver currently and it’s great.

A lot of other options don’t remove windows update, which in turn can bring back some of the stuff that got removed.

Edit: also it probably does a much better job getting rid of telemetry, there’s virtually none with Ameliorated.

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Windows pre-installed unnecessary applications, stop some telemetry functions, stop Cortana from being used as your Search Index, disable unnecessary scheduled tasks, and more…

@B_ryr nice

never heard of it. also good to know

@naverone ,yes it did remove a ton of stuff plus removed the "reg edits"and cpu load is WAY down. Idle around 2-5%, which in my book great. Before running that script cpu was high a lot of times.

I never heard of this “Windows Ameliorated”.

Did you build it yourself or use the pre-build iso?

Did you build it yourself or use the pre-build iso?

Prebuilt ISO, although I have used the manual method before as well.
Why do you ask?

Because using a prebuild iso is not safe and I’m trying to build it myself in Qubes.

I’m pretty positive the ISO is safe. Depends on your threat model though, as there’s no real way to verify it.

The manual method should work, although the booting from Ubuntu bit might be a bit tricky.
A self-amelioration wizard beta will soon be out, which will be much simpler and won’t require booting from Ubuntu.

Its is possible to mount HVMs from App VMs, which is the part were I’m stuck right now and why I asked. It doesn’t have to be Ubuntu, any Linux will do.

Interesting. Were did you read about the wizard?

Actually you may have trouble with Linux versions outside of Ubuntu 18.04, as you have to install an NTFS driver, which may not work on some versions/distros.

I’m part of the AME team and we’re working on a Wizard, a beta should be out pretty soon.

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Any alpha or beta available that I can test right now?

Not yet. If you’re interested, stay tuned in the AME Beta channel: Telegram: Join Group Chat

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