Will the entire Qube get written to disk when stopped?

Hi all,

Just wondering how much disk writing to expect from Qubes when a Qube shuts down.

Lets say I allocate 4Gb disk Qube, in which I have filled up 2Gb. When I shut down that Qube, does it write the whole 2Gb? How does this work w/ Qubes?

I’m asking because I regularly start and stop about 6 Qubes every few hours. I’m deciding whether I need a longer-life SSD that can handle more reads/writes over a lifetime, or whether a standard SSD is ok for this?

Thanks for your feedback.


If you’re asking if the qube with 2Gb used space (not filled during current start but on previous starts) will write back the whole used 2Gb even if you didn’t change anything when you shutdown it then no - it won’t write it on disk.
When you fill qube disk with new data this new data will be written on disk.

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Thanks @tzwcfq, that’s exactly the info I was looking for.