Wifi up - R 4.1.2 on System 76 Galp6

Does anyone have any recommendations about how to make the wifi networking work on Qubes with an Intel Alder Lake wifi module? I do not have the option of using ethernet to update and install drivers and would still need to know which drivers to get and how to install them if I did. Most operating systems I have used recognize the internal wifi module. I don’t know why Qubes wouldn’t. Fedora, Ubuntu, and TAILS do. It’s not a matter of adding the module to the network qube, is it?

As of now, wifi and backlight increase now works with firmware and EC improvements, I suspect.

Is it best to boot into grml live and reinstall firmware fresh with fwupd?

Has Qubes considered its own firmware update port/service through Dom0?

I have read about computers from configurelaptop.eu (NV41 Nova Custom) share much in common with S76 hardware and form factor but that there is a nuance to be discerned concerning proprietary parts of the hardware

While common usage of the term “blob-free” often follows the FSF’s interpretation, it is worthwhile for Qubes users who are concerned about closed-source firmware to understand the nuance.

and wifi module which may explain what was interfering with the Qubes compatibly in the past.