Wifi network speed restricted why?

So got a weird one, i have an issue with the wifi on my laptop i used to run 4.1.0 worked fine no problem…i rebuilt to 4.1.1 today needed a fresh install…

Wifi not showing in network manager in fact wifi card not showing in lspci in sys-net. Its a ax210 many issues i kinda no how to fix that.

BUT i plugged in a usb wifi card, assigned to sys-net went to run an update and speed is like 15kB/s. I thought hhhmmm maybe it doesnt like that USB card so used a different one same thing…this laptop doesnt have ethernet and no way to plug it in…

Does anyone no why the speed is being restricted so much? Ive never seen this before and not even sure where to start looking, ping times in the 3000ms dropping 33% of packets. ??

Have you tried downloading anything from the web? I suspect the low speed could be caused by updating over Tor network but you should also verify you have good signal to your router.

Yeah I tried outside of tor, same issues had to terminal a wget, as most webpages wouldn’t load.

Oddly enough, I only needed it as I wanted to download a slightly older kernel which I no fixes the internal wifi. " kernel-latest-qubes-vm-5.11.4-1.fc32.qubes.x86_64.rpm "
I ended up doing this on a different machine and copying over, and that appears to have fixed both the internal and USB cards :slight_smile:

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