WiFi fakery, and Windows invisibility

I used https://github.com/elliotkillick/qvm-create-windows-qube to create a Windows qube, but I don’t see any GUI or terminal or even any empty window when I try to start the qube or run an application (for instance Notepad) in it. I would post logs, but I’m not sure which logs are safe to post without any potential security issues.
Also, I have a weird issue where Wi-Fi seems to work, and it shows the network, and even connects to it (it asks for a password for the “secured” network and it tells me whether the Wi-Fi password is right or not), but ping (within sys-net) and websites don’t work. I doubt this is a driver issue based on the fact that I can connect.

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Thanks, that resolved it (–default and back to 0).

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As to the WiFi fakery, that was caused by the network (router, I assume) blocking my traffic and is not necessarily Qubes fault. This isn’t the first time I’ve had troubles with that router, so I should have known.