Wifi connection problem

Dear Qubes forum

I am writing to ask for your help for my wifi connection issue.

It shows error when I installed and configured Qubes, saying;

"[’/user/bin/qvm-start’,‘sys-firewall’] failed:
stdout: “”
stderror: “Started failed: internal error: Unable to reset PCI device 0000:00:1f.6: no FLR, PM reset or bus reset available, see /var/log/libvirt/libxl-driver.log for details”

and it shows PCI problem and no wifi connection that:
1.All VMs, including NetVM cannot start because of PCI related to Ethernet
2.No wifi connection and Networkmanger is not shown in my NetVM settings and Applications.

I would greatly appreciate it if I could hear your advice to resolve this issue and configure my wifi connection.

Thank you very much for your time.



See here:


Thank you fsch
I managed to resolve PCI pass through by configuring strict reset and now my NetVM works, but my wifi network connection is still disabled.
Could you advise me how I can go step further ?

Thank you for your time.



What happens when you run nm-applet on a `sys-net’ terminal?

It should start the NetworkManager tray icon which might give you more information.

Thank you deeplow, I managed to install Networkmanager.

But apparently Instill need to install NetworkManager-wifi.

When I tired it by “dnf install NetworkManager-wifi”, it returns me the error saying “This command has to be run with super user privileges (under the root user on most system)”

Could you advise me how I can install NetworkManager-wifi ?

Thank you for your time.



@Tosh what was the result of the above command. Did anything happen?


Thanks, now Networkmanager is shown in my setting.

But wifi is not shown in Networkmanager.
Apparently I need to install Networkmanager-wifi.

I’m trying it with dad install networkmanager command but failing because error during downloading metadata…


Here’s the problem

1.no wifi connection
2.need to install networkmanager-wifi
3.need internet connection to install networkmanager-wifi

I’m stuck.

Yes, you’ll have to connect to the internet via a cable (ethernet). Otherwise the only solution is to copy the file manually from another computer, which I don’t recommend (for security reasons).

Thanks. So wifi is not available with my qubes laptop ?

It seems like there is a packaged missing in your installation (for some reason) and since that prevents you from using wifi, you’ll have to get it some other way first. After that, you may be able to get wifi working again.