Why qubes os does not have a mastodon account

every privacy focus os and brands community have on mastodon so why not qubes even torproject is on mastodon
here is a demo
tor mastodon.social/torproject
crystal_linux, openmandriva, Nitrux_NX, system76, pop!OS, rockylinux, Flatpak, BuddiesOfBudgie, purism, postmarketOS ,mauiproject, EndeavourOS, manjarolinux, gentoo, debian, Solus, mxlinux, kubuntu, ArchLinux,elementary, opensuse, fdroidorg, kde
kdenlive, blender, darktable, gnome

qubes os should have a mastodon as a social media account.

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there is no reason not to have in mastodon officially

Hello and welcome to community

Maybe because Qubes OS is not privacy focused OS?

Also, there’s no OS like Qubes OS!

Thanks for the suggestion! Here’s our new Mastodon account! :partying_face: