Why Qubes only with VPN

So the VPN discussion is very confusing. Tails team is against it, although it’s clear that the real IP can be recorded due to the nature of Tor. Then you have Whonix Wiki and Tor Q&A who says it can in fact provide stronger anonymity IF there are in fact no logs. And this site Is Tor Trustworthy and Safe? (Read This Before Using Tor) goes into detail why Tor isn’t enough at all.

Not sure what you mean here. Recorded by whom and how? With Tor, your IP is hidden from the websites you are visitting.

This is a discussion that should be had over at the Whonix forums as it is not in any way specific to Qubes OS and therefore not really on-topic here.

Would this topic be appropriate in All around Qubes?
Genuinely interested in your opinion @Sven

You probably can discuss in in All Around Qubes, but it will not be visible for the Whonix community and experts.

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Yes, but the OP @PlatinDawn joined 2 days ago.

If a new “off-topic” discussion starts and everyone participating so far is trust level 2 or above I just move the thread into “All around Qubes” and leave a little reply.

However, had I done so in this case the thread would have just vanished without explanation from the OP’s perspective, which I would consider impolite to say the least.

Also, everything @fsflover said.