Why Is there no Qube Linux Tools for Linux ISO Standalone VM install?

Is secret Linux Tools file being hidden by unman on secret ftp IP and only shared with other expert qube masters?

If I understood the question I would probably answer “No”.

This is problem of Qubes

In virtual box, any iso installed can usually communicate with other parts of system with permishion

in qubes, if i want to install obscure hanna montana linux or satanism ubuntu there is no way to copy paste with the qube.

this lack of linux tools is discrimination of satanic hannah montanah fans everywhere

even if want to install iso that is not satanic hannah montanah distro of linux, there is not copy paste. maybe i want to try kodachi so unique hardware ID and all internet traffic can be sent to strange unknown location while trying included non-FOSS software?

what is security reason to not have .deb file that cannots be installed on the host machine?

@unman we all know you are master of the qubes, please make deb file for help this. with your many organized cortical connection and high skill, coding .deb file probably take you only length of time to microwave soup

The “secret” is to use Qubes builder to build the pieces for your OS. There are just too many operating systems out there to support them all so they give you the source code to build what you want.

So how do I transfer files from Hanna Montana Satan Ubuntu and Vault using tools with builder? Qubes Builder does?

If I understood the question I would probably answer “No”.

There are a few issues:

  1. Is the distro covered by existing qubes-tools? This might be where the
    distro is based on one that is already included in Qubes - Kali or
    Parrot, based on existing Debian, Mint based on Ubuntu, etc.
    If not, then tools will have to built specifically for that distro. Not
    impossible, but more work.
  2. Even if qubes tools are available for the distro, that does not mean
    they will work in a standalone. Some do, some don’t, and this varies
    between distros.
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