Why are you using Qubes OS instead of XYZ?

Hello! I’m curious to know why people use Qubes OS in the first place. It offers many features, but I assume most people want Qubes OS only for a subset of those?

Personally, I’d rather use OpenBSD or NixOS, but Qubes OS offers the following things for me:

  • trustable net-vm, so I can run programs with a VPN but not everything, and I can trust it won’t work if the VPN is disabled
  • better way to organize my stuff. I don’t like to know my personal files are in the same context than when I develop or do stuff on the internet
  • hard to break and easily reproducible, thanks to templates and Salt stack

I barely use disposable :smiley: it seems very popular among users, that’s why I thought it would be interesting to read about what makes Qubes OS appealing.


Must be tired, I forgot I created something similar 2 months ago X_X

Thanks! :sweat_smile:


Won’t delete it, but I closed the topic. Since you’ve posted I added a link to the pre-existing one as the “solution” to make it appear near the first post, I think this should be enough? @solene

Also, I re-established the title for clarity. I believe the conversation will guide folks to the place they’re looking for.

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