Whonix/Tor - unable to access everyday sites

Hello, some everyday sites won’t allow you to login if you are using Whonix/Tor is there a way around this?

Suggest Bypass_Tor_Censorship section in link below and https://forums.whonix.org if not work.

What to post in this Qubes-Whonix forum and what not. - Qubes-Whonix - Whonix Forum make think this offtopic here. I :confused: but try help.

This is offtopic here. However maybe we can directly help.

Some of the popular sites i know that block Tor and what i do about it:
youtube.comvid.puffyan.us (Invidious Frontend, offers onion)
google.comstartpage.com / whoogle instances
Everything cloudflare → browse the next site
Everything captcha → browse the next site

Other sites may block some exits temporarily like reddit or stackoverflow, so trying another circuit often helps.

Should all fail:

If i absolutely need to access a specific static site, i resort to the waybackmachine.

If it is a non static site, things get complicated with proxies.

If i plan on identifying myself to the site (consooooooooom, banking, …) i just use a fresh disposable clearnet qube, if there is no specific reason not to .


Or going through proxysite.com if logging isn’t needed (but even that with temp mail where allowed when not important)