Whonix standalone VM - Monero not updating

Whonix standalone VM is getting the green tick on update but the monero app does not update to latest version?

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I’m no too familiar with monero, but perhaps also try this question at the whonix forum

It’s the Monero App version that doesn’t update.

If I make a new standalone VM based off whonix then the latest version is installed?

This is a Qubes update issue.

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If you create a standalone machine from a template, then it is as up-to-date as the template was. You should try updating the standalone manually and see what it says (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade)

I see. I though the green tick was something on the monero interface.

Does the Qubes updater not update standalone vms properly?

If it shows the green :heavy_check_mark: on the qubes-update, but it you then manually update the machine and there were also packages to update, then it may well be a bug.

Must be a bug.

Manual update also showing as nothing to do and Monero version is still outdated but up to date on fresh standalone template install?