Which nvme drive I should buy?

I’m thinking about upgrading my NVMe drive to larger and better one. I was thinking about Samsung 980 or Samsung 980 PRO. But I’m thinking if paying more for speeds that probably I can’t use is not a good idea. So are Qubes is able to take any advantage from 980 PRO?

When you said you can’t use the ‘speed’ does that mean your hardware only support pcie 3? if it’s fit with the wallet, why not.

I never like samsung parts, no even bother to look it until now.
Consider use firecuda 530, it has 5k++ tbw while 980 pro only 1k++ tbw.

And if the budget not fit, you could go with firecuda 510, i use it!
or maybe teamgroup disk.

No advertising here, just personal preference.

I’m asking since I’m not aware what are possible be bottlenecks here. Is this only a pcie version that can reduce the speed or also the drivers or some block device handling in the system? I remember that I read not so long ago that MS finally shipped some feature that allow using full speed disk transfer while gaming.

based on my latest benchmark here, I think yes, but not sure.

Interesting question. I was also wondering if a fast NVME drive would have a noticable impact on day to day QubesOS use compared to a more budget NVME drive.(Assuming there are no other bottlenecks like PCIe version.)
For normal OSes like Windows, it is usually said that it does not make a noticable difference for ‘normal’ use. However, Qubes is of course much more disk intensive with all it’s VM’s, so that might be different.

I upgraded my no-name NVMe to two Samsung 980 Pro, both booting and starting qubes got faster, but not to the point it’s a must-have upgrade.

I guess it depends on the speed of your current drive, but I wouldn’t do the upgrade just to get a faster drive, but it’s worth getting the faster drive if you also need to increase your storage capacity.

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