Which .desktop to edit?

Hi, I want to edit some of the desktop files but its not clear which one i should edit or if I should make the same changes to all of them? when i did a find . -name *desktop I see there seem to be copies in:


If i matters i usually use a launcher (krunner) more than the qubes/kde menu.
I guess a related question is why are there duplicates in different locations?

There are more than that. You will find more in /usr/share/applications and maybe /usr/local/share/applications/. Some of them are XDG standard locations. The two I mentioned are for all users and you will need root access to modify the desktop files in those locations (or add/remove them). You will find information on them by searching the term: XDG Desktop Entry.

On the other hand, the first directory you mentioned is Qubes Specific. You will find more information on the Qubes Specific ones in this official guide.

I use Rofi as my app launcher, and it uses ~/.local/share/applications/. IIRC, the Qubes XFCE launcher does the same, and if logic serves correctly, your launcher will also use this directory. However, the best thing to do is check the manual for your launcher. Many things installed are just regular applications that happen to run in dom0 with no modification, so it will likely pull from the directory it says it will.

$ man and search engines are your friends.

I think you only find the qubes-appmenus/ folder on dom0, and its contents are generated from the appvms when you refresh applications from the qube settings.

If you’re editing, you’ll want to find the .desktop file on the appvm, and you’ll want to place your edited version under ~/.local/share/applications/, since that’s the location that persists over reboots. (Or you could change the original file, but on the template.)

Thanks all, i tried modifying a few desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications/. and that seemed to work for the qubes menu as well as krunner so I am good to go. Much appreciated!

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