Where to Change DNS Records

Hey, I’m trying to figure out how to change DNS records with /etc/hosts so I can leverage tools that manage DNS profiles via /etc/hosts. I see the IP address of the nameservers is 10.139.x.x but I do not see any VM with that IP address in the Qubes Manager. Does anyone know where 10.139.x.x is hosted and where I should install the tool that manages the records?

10.139.x.x is not “hosted” anywhere.
If you examine the nft rules on some netvm, with nft list table nat,
you will see that chain PR-QBS has dnat entries - DNS traffic addressed to is dnatted to This ensures that DNS traffic is
kept passing up the chain of netvms with that target address.(The same
Things are different on sys-net: there you will see that DNS traffic to is dnat to some external IP address - this will be determined
by the DNS provided by your network connection(usually).

/etc/hosts and DNS are completely independent: usually the hosts file
takes precedence, as set in /etc/nsswitch.conf.
You can interrupt the DNS chain at any upstream netvm, provided that the
tools you want to use will be able to provide DNS resolution downstream
from their /etc/hosts file.

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