When Will Qubes Have The new App Menu?

Amazing! Even more considering the number of developers and available funds. And I have no doubt things like Valentina will attract significant number of Windows users to try Qubes! And after that - next target: Qubes for mobile phones.

Until then you might give Graphene OS a try. :wink:

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Well, one day, I will be able to use Qubes OS with an Emotiv Insight. No clicks necessary there! :laughing:

(I’ve actually been working on Linux drivers for it. No joke, but also not much progress)

I hadn’t thought of that. That’s actually very true, and you wouldn’t think about these things until it was relevant to you…(sadly)

Don’t worry. We are patient (and keen to help) :slight_smile:

I’m IN! Already submitted feedback on GitHub :slight_smile:

Wait…what!!! Seriously??? There’s a fantastic forum we know of that is excellent at helping people get on Qubes OS. Maybe you should give them a try :wink:

Poor Marta. That would have been a very passionate explanation…

Remember to renew the trademark when it expires at the end of next year :stuck_out_tongue:

Tried that once. Then I explained to the VCs how GPL3 worked. They got up and left half-way through…

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An article will be published shortly, announcing the new menu, details on installation, and will include a link for a survey to submit feeback to guide how we improve it.

Note, the point of the survey, is to collect feedback that is both directly-actionable, and not directly-actionable (which is still quite useful). And, more details about how the new/alpha widget is working in tandem with the new/beta version of Qubes OS. The survey is also helpful to look at for trends analysis (eg: “It always growls in Awesome, but whimpers in i3”). GitHub is still a totally valid and helpful place to leave actionable documentation on bugs, though—or to fork and contribute to the menu!



And the announcement on this forum: New Qubes application menu

After using it for a while, beside my initial notices, I can confirm that from time to time launcher stops to respond, so I have to qubes-app-emu & in terminal, after which the menu becomes responsive again on mouse click.

And both in classic and in this beautiful modern menu, I really do miss most of all richer context menu, but most of the most I miss “Run command in Qube/dom0”, either in context menu, or in a submenu of a given cube (yep I know - my Qube Manager deformity, and I just can’t help it :place_of_worship:)

@enmus if you haven’t already, I’d nudge you to submit some feedback on this survey about the menu :slight_smile: (also for others using it)

Is this OK?

I saw that. The only risk is that developers won’t see it there. Pasting that into the survey is the best way to ensure they see it :slight_smile:

Oh, sorry, now I see it. Done. We would saved my trolling if I was more careful. If it’s possible, please delete my all sufficient posts.

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It’s fine to leave them there. See Deletion policy.

sorry, seems like im too dumb for this, i installed the qubes-app-menu, also created a launcher icon and inserted it, everythings work fine, but where could we find the wider qubes icon, i like the wider qubes icon in the panel much more than the qubes-applications-app icon or how it is called

also the second thing i didnt find were, how to do the qubes-app-menu transparent like in the demo?

Is there an option to explicitly donate / support one development?


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Well, I do donate but I would donate more :wink:

That was a prototype. The final version won’t have it. Keep in mind the demo was just a prototype with no actual code. Things are easier to do when just doing graphical work. Making transparency in windows may not be trivial.

There are no dumb questions here. Ask whatever you need. You can change the launcher icon and its size by customizing the xfce4-panel. Search (on a search engine) for XFCE4 panel customization to find some stuff on it.

oh thanks for this! i were already desperated about this :smiley: it looked so good with the transparency design :slight_smile: but i understand that in demos its pretty easier to implement that :slight_smile:

but sorry, i cant find anything on how to do the xfce start menu wider, just found out how to resize it… guess have to resize for this the qubes icon?
but i would prefer if there would be the qubes start menu also on her github to download it

and thanks for being that nice :slight_smile:

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The demo has some “glitches” which may be expected (given that it’s a demo) or not. Just in case they’re surprises, I’ll list them here:

  1. Making something a favorite doesn’t “take” until you quit and restart the executable.
  2. Apparently, if you open a disposable VM, it’s supposed to get listed under its DVM template in the menu. That doesn’t actually happen. (I suspect it, too, is something that would update when you restart the menu; the problem is stopping the menu executable closes the DVM.)

Overall, I like it!

(As an aside, speaking of icons, in four of the sizes, the gray qubes icons are the same as the black ones (22x22, 192x192, 36x36 and one other, if I recall correctly. In ALL cases, the gray and black service qube icons are identical. It should be possible to differentiate them, some.)

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