What's your system layout like?

I might have been unclear–what I wrote agrees with what you’re saying.

Because BadUSB is a massive issue, I see the argument against physical airgaps, because such airgaps tend to rely on USB for data transfer, and BadUSB is hard to detect (impossible for those without specialized equipment, training, and tons of time AFAIK). This is why I brought up my point that “USB isn’t the only means of data transfer”–MicroSD cards are very hard to compromise, for example, and SATA (like eSATA) are less targeted AFAIK.

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i’ve gotten tired of torbrowser not loading youtube videos and started using disposable firefox-esr with add-ons ; i might get a few videos, but then yt starts complaining and i have to reload the circuit, just time consuming

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Use Brave instead, blocks almost everything that you won’t have spying on you!

I would just ask for the conversation to stay on-topic. For non-Qubes’ conversations more suited venues are https://forum.privacytools.io/.

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