What's the most secure way of transfering files from Android phone?

So, I’ve hit a dilemma in that a normal AppVM doesn’t support opening a MTP device, as I get the error “can’t open MTP Device 001,002”

So, what would be the recommended way of doing it? Opening the phone up in sys-usb, and transferring the files to a AppVM?

Even if it does, transfer to a disposable sys-usb-android and from there to wherever would be the least dangerous way. If it’s possible, dedicated USB controller to this sys-usb would be preferable.

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Wrong topic, sorry!

You can use Syncthing. Sync a directory on the phone to a directory in an AppVM. The syncthing inside the AppVM connects out to the Syncthing on the phone. The connection is encrypted and the clients are open source (packages available in f-droid and debian). The connection can be done over a local LAN (no dependence on a 3rd party service).


Going to second airelemental’s suggestion. Just use Syncthing. Set up a shared folder on your phone, and then set up the same share folder on your VM of choice. As long as your sys-net and your phone are on the same network, everything will just sync.

I sync my phone’s storage using Syncthing. I don’t even have to think about it — every photo I take and every note I change is automatically synced whenever the phone wakes.

EDIT: who wants to write a tutorial? I would gladly publish the tutorial on my site.