What's going on with the matrix server?

asking me why he got a “timetable” which topics are on which day and he is doing something different… was pretty annoying

do you mean me?
anyhow, it might be possible that the stream stopped, because i werent watching day 1 because timetable seemed to me to be “clear” so i was wanted to skip day 1 and get over to day 2 because most topics on day 2 sounded interesting
anyhow, i also was asking x0n if he is streaming these topics on his discord and he said sure, get in and lay back. (something similiar but it was the same meaning)

was watching about ~2 or 3h, maybe also more? but as i said… he was showing us things like beef (i already knew beef from networkchuck… so this isnt anything new to me… every techie who is watching youtube would know beef i guess… this was a hype like chatgpt - how are you able to dont know these tools?).
i didnt got that because… he never wrote anything about red team stuff on the timetable
thats annoying for everyone who was wanted to get helped or learn qubes.
its like you see in the newspaper back to future is playing in tv at 20:15 and what you get is barbie.

he was also streaming with the same name he advertised this training.

oh i just listened that you got “your own qubes iso image” and x0n got it
and what i was wanted to say is, x0n claims that you got information about him and you want to publish it.

idk if you got it now

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Us mods just suspended @knightmare as a highly likely duplicate account of @xn0px90.


I have found that the Qubes Matrix chat is pretty garbage. There’s a lot of paranoia and wild claims, and the moderation, in contrast to the forums, doesnt seem as fair, patient, or grounded in basic productive communcation skills. The recent x-0 drama completely turned me off from the venue, leading me to believe a lot of people there are just exploiting fear and ignorance that moderators don’t know or care how to handle. It’s completely bananas and sus that one of the mods uses their elevated status on the platform to hold court about meeting x-0 and his “team” to witness his alleged Qubes expliots, but when pressed for proof, hides behind an NDA – why would a MODERATOR say anything at all about this when the result is unsubstantiated FUD and chaos in their OWN venue? This all looks like a farce put on by unstable children.

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Thank you very much @jntzqleb !

Looks that way to me as well.

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