What happens with disk encryption when you change OS?

Hello, beginner here, I flashed Qubes OS on my SSD and activated disk encryption, the SSD has a passphrase. Well, Qubes it’s too complicated for me. Now I would like to revert back to windows. Will my SSD remain encrypted if I try to directly flash windows 10 over Qubes? I’m worried about changing the OS directly.

Also I need to learn how to put win10 on a USB stick while using Qubes. Anhy idea where to start?

Before migrating away, I would suggest you watch the introduction videos. The documentation isn’t really suited for learning and it can be daunting at first. And here on the forum we can always help!

Of you still feel like you want to revert back, you don’t have to worry about the encryption. Installing windows will override that.

Let’s follow up on this in another thread. I’ll create it.

I will revert back to win10. Thanks for answearing me

Forgot to link it here. Here you go: