What gives SELinux attribute operation not permitted message


[user@gpg ~]$ mv /mnt/removable/olli/accounts,pass,gpg-20220210.tgz.7z .
mv: setting attribute ‘security.selinux’ for ‘security.selinux’: Operation not permitted
[user@gpg ~]$

The source of file is my fedora laptop usb stick attached to a qube. Command explains details. The questions are:

  1. what is the attribute security.selinux (where it is stored - ext3 filesystem extended file attributes?)

  2. Why operation is “not permitted” - just because only the ‘user’ is not root? Or selinux is not used in qubes? Or file is marked w/ security attribute on usual fedora due to it’s name pattern?
    BTW: When I ‘mv’ another file (just .png) as root (using sudo) - no such error.

  3. What tool can I use to list this attribute?