What does mean default

What does reffer default to in the net cube settings, for example what is the difference between default none and only none without default?

good question, ask myself this also, when I was starting with Qubes…
…what is the difference between sys-net and sys-net (default) or sys-firewall and sys-firewall (default)

and so on and on… What exactly was the thinking about that during the build of QubesOS.

There is no difference. This is helper to know what the default setting is if you choose something else. For example, if you change default dispVM for a short period time, and then want to turn it back to it’s default setting but forgot what it was, this helper is there for us.


Ok, I dont know how I couldnt notice this. Thank you

You are welcome. You may want to flag this as solved in order to help other users.

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Actually, I think there is a difference. If you choose (default) and then go to Global Settings and change what default means, all your qubes with that option will be changed. Qubes with other options will not be changed even it’s “the same”.

By the way, I love this approach, please keep it like this.


Thanks for your support and an add-up @fsflover. I just didn’t want to bring potential additional confusion with describing setting the defaults.

Whatever is set as a default, it’s name will be listed bracketed next to the word default.

So if at the moment, fedora35-dvm is globally set as a default disposable template, it’s name will be listed twice: clear and as default(fedora35-dvm).

Once we change this globally to debian-11-dvm, for instance, fedora-35-dvm will show only once, in clear but debian-11-dvm will be listed twice.

And I absolutely agree with you that there is no way to find out what the user set as the default previously, not that easy even with the default state after Qubes installation, :rofl: