What does Default DispVM mean for a Disposable VM itself?

I was reading the Qube Manager interface, and there are a few points causing confusion for me.
One of them is the “Default DispVM” column. What does this column mean?

I see that the debian-11-dvm is a disposable VM. And it is its own Default DispVM (?) since its entry’s “Default DispVM” column reads “default (debian-11-dvm)”.

Also, I have minimal debian templates for -net, -firewall, and -usb, and they have their own disposable templates, deb11min-net-dvm, deb11min-fw-dvm, and deb11min-usb-dvm, respectively.

But the “Default DispVM” column for deb11min-net-dvm reads, “default (debian-11-dvm)”. What does that mean? Why is a disposable VM template using another disposable VM template for “Default DispVM” ?

This is the disposable template that will be used when launching
disposables from this qube.
So if “Default DispVM” is set to debian-11-dvm, and you use “View in
DisposableVM”, your file will be opened in in a disposable, dispXXXX,
which is based on debian-11-dvm.
You can set this to none, and then you will not have a preset disposable
to call.

debian-11-dvm is not a disposable. It is a “disposable template”,
which is used to generate disposables.
Because it is its own “Default DispVM”, this means that debian-11-dvm,
and all disposables derived from it, will use disposables based on
I hope that this is now clear.

I hope the answer is now clear to you.
You can set “Default DispVM” to whatever you like.
With minimal templates you may indeed want to use disposables that have
a wider range of software. For example I store most files in a mini
qube, that has a “Default DispVM” which has a wide range of editing and
viewing software.


I think I will set this to “none” for the system qubes (-net, -firewall, and -usb). I don’t use these qubes to view docs, so they don’t have to have a default disposable VM set, for viewing files in.

I think I understand this point.

Alright, thanks for explaining this.