What are people using to scan for malicious files before transferring the file out of a download qube?

Thanks :slight_smile: ill keep that in mind, not sure what I can do about cloud services, still waiting on Joplin to sort out its future services

have you tried nextcloud

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Im currently using Nextcloud

To make this more clear, if you are transferring from a disposable qube to another qube on your system, then you can load a file manager in the qube which right clicking will give you the options "Copy to VM” or “Move to VM”. A authorization window will pop up saying a file wants to be copied/moved to another qube, and it will ask you what qube to send it to.

The trick is getting to a file manager in a disposable qube because if you try to open a file manager from the “Q button” in the top left corner, it’ll launch a new seperate disposable qube which wont have your file in it. If you are running firefox in the disposable qube, you can get to a file manager by downloading something, then right clicking on the down arrow, and selecting “open containing folder”


I also download something in forefox to get a file manager within the same dispxxxx qube. If you need to scan a usb drive, you have to send it to the dispxxxx qube. You can also use a fixed name disposable but I’m not sure this is as secure.

This probably isn’t very helpful for Linux newbies, but using the CLI commands qvm-move and qvm-copy, followed by the file path, would get around your issue. It doesn’t require learning anything remotely advanced, and people should really know how to enter filepaths into the terminal.

I agree. That’s how I personally do it. I just put the “right click download” method in instructions I’m giving to other people since more people are likely to understand those instructions correctly then if I wrote out the whole qvm-copy/qvm-move method (which since it’s a disposable, requires making them aware of the right hand “Q” menu in order to open a shell)

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It about copying file to other qubes, not scanning file

oh, i see