Weird behaviour after attaching usb drive

I attached trusted usb drive to one of the VMs to copy some stuff to it, and number of problems happened

the file saved to it was 0 bytes

-after attaching it again I could write to it, not even browse it actually

the file explorer froze and has been like that for a day

i can browse local files but when i try to open one in gedit, it just hangs on loading forever

latest version here

How are you attaching the drive? What command/interface are you using
and are you attaching it as USB or block?

You dont say whether you’ve seen the same behaviour attaching to other
VMs, whether you have a sys-usb, how you are attaching, or even what
version of Qubes you are running.
That said, I’ve seen this sort of behaviour when a drive is starting to
fail, so I would suspect hardware issues.