Web pages poor performance

Hello everyone,

Is there a way to optimise performance on websites that rely heavily on JavaScript like spotify, some payment gateways etc.? I love this OS but Input lag on web pages (basically 90% of my time using PC) is sometimes crazy. Can this problem be caused by something other than JavaScript and lack of hardware acceleration?

Thank you

Most probably the problem is the lack of GPU hardware acceleration in qubes.
You can try to increase the number of VCPUs assigned to your qubes to increase performance.

What template and browser are you using?

I have already increased that, but thank you for advise

debian-11 (the one that qubes os install automatically) with Firefox. And I have the same problem on clean Chromium.

Thing I forgot to add is this, when page starts to lag, my performance monitor tells me that CPU usage does not spike at all (stays at 1-3%).
And also, the most interesting thing is for example in youtube lag can be solved by just clicking “open in cinema mode” button in player (not the fullscreen button), which is the button that just increases player size, and it allows me to navigate the whole page without any lag. Without cinema mode performance is really poor. So it made me think, that problem is not just hardware acceleration, and it can be solved by enabling something that youtube cinema mode enables.

You need good CPU for software graphical rendering. It is - maximize single core performance. First CPU I had used with QO is i5-8365U (~1100 single core IPC). Now I use QO with i9-13980HX (~2200 IPC).

IT IS NIGHT AND DAY DIFFERENCE. Heavy loaded web pages run smoothly with i9.

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